Essay on the motivational story


 Essay on the motivational story


        A motivational story is the best way to motivate yourself. There are lots of motivational stories we like to listen to. By which you can be inspired. In every motivational story, it has a broach. You learn something from that. So in this article, we have come with a motivational story. 

    ( Story of a spider, ant, and web)

    There was a spider.  He thought of making a wonderful web for living comfortably and thought that there will be a lot of insects, flies on this web and I will make him a diet and live happily.  He liked one corner of the room and started weaving webs there.  After a while, half the web was weaved and ready.  Seeing this, the spider was quite happy that when suddenly she saw her eyes on a cat who was laughing at seeing her.

 The spider got angry and said to the cat, “Why are you laughing?”

“What should I do if I do not laugh”, The cat replied, “There are no flies here. This place is very clean, who will come here in your webs.”

 This thing got spider’s throat.  He thanked the cat for good advice and left the unfinished web looking for another place.  He looked around  She saw a window and then started weaving the web in it, for a while she kept weaving the web, when a bird came and said while making fun of the spider, “Hey spider, how stupid you are too.”

 “Why?”, The spider asked.

 The bird started explaining to him, “Hey, here comes a strong wind from the window.  Here you will fly with your webs. “

 The spider liked the idea of ​​the bird and he left it there as well and started thinking about where to make a net.  Time had passed and now he started feeling hungry. Now he showed an open door to a shelf and he started weaving his web in that.  Some web was woven only then he saw a cockroach who was looking at the webs with astonishing eyes.

 The spider asked – ‘Why are you looking like this?’

 Kakroch said, “Hey, where did you go to weave the webs here, this is a useless racket.  Now it is lying here, after a few days it will be sold and all your hard work will go in vain.  Hearing this, the spider thought it better to move away.

 After repeated attempts, she was very tired and there was no strength left in her to weave the web.  She was upset due to hunger.  He was regretting that it would have been better if we had weaved the network beforehand.  But now she could not do anything, lying in the same condition.

 When the spider felt that nothing could happen now, he requested the ant passing by to help him.

 Ant said, “I was watching you for a long time, you would start your work again and again and leave it incomplete at the behest of others.  And this is the condition of those who do so. ”  And while saying this, she went her way and kept falling back, spider repenting.

What we learn from this story

 Friends, something similar happens many times in our life too.  We start some work.  In the beginning, we are very excited for that work but due to the comments of people, enthusiasm starts decreasing and we leave our work in the middle and when later it comes to know how close to our success  If there was nothing left later than regret.