Essay on the motivational story


Essay On The Motivational Story


    This story is the biggest lesson for those people who pride in their own art. We can learn many things from this motivational story.

Story Of Arrogant Crow

    A bunch of swans was passing over the beach, at the same place a crow was also having fun. 

 Swans looked at me with neglectful eyes, “What a nice flight you guys take!”  The crow said jokingly, “What else can you guys do? Just flap your wings and fly !!!  Can you fly quickly like me ???  Can you show me acrobatics in the air ???  No, you don’t even know exactly what flying is called! “

Hearing the crow, an old goose said, “It is good that you do all this, but you should not boast about it.”

 “I don’t know arrogance, if any of you can compete with me, then come forward and show me the beat.”

 A young male goose accepted the crows’ challenge.  It was decided that the competition would be in two stages, in the first stage the crow would show his tricks and the swan would have to do the same and in the second phase the crow would have to repeat the tricks of the goose.

 The competition started, the first stage was started by the crows and started showing more than one acrobatics, he would sometimes go round and round and touch the ground.  That is why Hans could not do anything special than that.  The crow now started speaking even more exasperated, “I was already saying that you people do not know anything… only…”

Then the second phase began, Hans took off and started flying towards the sea.  The crow also followed him, “What amazing show are these, well, straight-up flying is also a challenge ???  Really you are stupid! ”, The crow said.

 But the swan gave no answer and kept flying silently, slowly they went far away from the ground and the crow’s chatter also decreased, and in a while, it stopped completely.  The crow was now very tired, so much that it was now difficult for him to keep himself in the air and he was repeatedly getting close to the water.  Hans was understanding the crow’s position, but he became oblivious and said, “Why are you touching the water, again and again, is this also a feat of yours?” “No,” The crow said, “Forgive me, I am right now  I am tired and if you do not help me, then I will die here… Save me, I will never show pride. ”

   Hans took pity on the crows, thought that he had already learned the lesson of the crow, now it would be better to save his life, and he flew back to shore, sitting on the crow’s back.

What do we learn from this story

      Friends, we should understand that even if we do not know, everyone has some quality that makes him special.  And even though we have thousands of goodness in us, if we boast on it, then soon we also have to be ashamed like crows.  There is also an old saying, “The head of the arrogant is always low.”, So keep in mind that you are not making any mistake about the crows.