Interview Question: What Are Your Salary Expectations


   Whenever you have a telephone interview call, a question is asked along with the rest of the questions and that is how much is your salary expectation?  By the way, when we start looking for a job, only then we should find out the salary offered for our desired job in the market.  But there is also the fear of getting wrong in answering this question accurately.  Know how to handle this question.

What does the interviewer want to know

 Through this, the interviewer wants to know how much salary you expect.  Or in which salary you can join the company.  In the interview, these questions are often asked at the end and this question is also very important.  Often, many people are unable to answer it correctly.

 What mistake most people make

 Some examples of wrong answers are as follows

 I am fresher anything will go on

 I will pay for any salary

 The same package as the company

 Better than the previous company (no number to say)

 We should never give such answers.  If you are ready to take any salary, it means that you are not able to analyze yourself and your work.  Maybe you will get more salary, but you have reduced your salary by giving this kind of answer.

 What is the correct answer or the way to give the correct answer

 To answer this correctly, you should do research through the Internet and keep it.  You should know what is the minimum, maximum, and average salary for which profile you are going for.  You can also specify a range according to your expenses.

If you tell your expected salary more than the company’s budget, then your resume will not be short-listed and if you tell your expectation less then it may be that the company’s budget is good and you lose, so there is a better option, at least  You only spoke your expected salary Negotiable in the telephonic interview round.

 If you are a fresher and you just want a job and salary does not matter much then the best answer can be that right now you want to focus on learning and salary as per company standard.

 If it is mandatory to tell you a salary, then the range earners in place of anyone number will be better.

 In the starting phase of your interview, do not be too stubborn about salary, it can also be that you find your roles and responsibility so challenging or you get good facilities apart from salary that you will be ready to join this new company.  |

 You can use some such sentences very easily when you are asked your salary expectation like salary expectations based on experience and qualification.

 And whenever you go for a face to face round, go after getting information about the company.  If you have a friend working there, you will ask him how much the company will give a salary.  If you are asked to give the exact salary number, as it happens very often, then you should give up your expectation and if you are very keen to join this company, then also add a negotiable with your expectation.

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