A story of two children


Inspirational stories are the best way to motivate yourself. There are often moments in life when we find ourselves trapped in a vortex of despair. 

In such a situation, someone’s spoken words or motivational sentences are written elsewhere or inspirational stories bring us out of that vortex of despair and infuse new enthusiasm.

Story of two children

This is the story of two children who lived in a village.  The older child was 10 years old and the younger one was 7 years old.  Both were always with each other.

playing with each other and moving around with each other.  One day both of them came out of the village a little while playing. 

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Suddenly, while playing, the 10-year-old’s leg slipped and fell into the well and screamed loudly.  Hearing the voice of his friend, when the little child came to know about this, he was very nervous. 

He looked around and shouted for help.  But there was no one around who could help him.

 Suddenly his eyes fell on a bucket lying close by, on which a rope was tied.  He threw the rope into the well without thinking anything and told his friend to hold the rope. 

The very next moment, that 7-year-old child was dragging that 10-year-old child out of the well like a madman.  The little child committed his life to get his friend out of the well. 

Eventually, the child succeeded in saving his friend and he took his friend out of the well.

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 But his real fear was that when he goes to the village, he is going to be very much killed.  Well, both of them reached the village fearfully and they told the villagers about the whole thing falling in a well while playing and taking out the older child by the rope. 

But the villagers did not believe his point and started laughing that after all how can a 7 year old child get a 10 year old child out of the well with a rope.

But an elder present there believed the words of those children.  He was called “Karim Chacha”. 

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Karim Chacha was one of the most intelligent elders in the village.  When the villagers came to know about believing in the words of Karim Chacha’s children, everyone gathered to Karim Chacha and said, “Chacha!  We are not convinced about the children, tell me how this can happen. 

Listening to the villagers, Karim Chacha said, “Children are telling how they did this.”  The child threw a rope in the well and pulled the other child up.

 The villagers could not understand anything.  After some time Karim Chacha smiled and said, “The question is not how the child did it, the question is how he was able to do it.

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And the only answer to this is that when the child was doing this, there was no one to tell him that you cannot do it.  Even that child is not himself.    This story motivates those people who think just after seeing any difficult work that they can’t do this work.

If you have a strong desire to do any difficult work , you can do that work very easily

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