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  • Experience : 5 to 10 year
  • Location : India
  • Vacancy Code : 85929
  • Job Type : Worker,
  • Industry : Civil Construction,
  • Contract Length : 24 months
  • Total Vacancy : 2
  • Basic Salary: INR-45000

Leads and controls Masons engaged in all activities concerned with the civil works.   

Ability to optimize resources (manpower, equipment and materials) to ensure efficient and timely completion of the works.    

Able to demonstrate good organizational skills, following policies, procedures and work practices. 

2. Ability to read, interpret and follow method statements and procedures, specifications, drawings, and all other discipline related project and engineering documentation. 

3. Commands respect of his workforce, and develop excellent working relationships with all other department personnel.   4. Must be a good communicator.      

Able to give instructions in an efficient and effective way to his workforce.   Liaises with other discipline foremen to ensure the optimum utilization of available work, with the overall objective of successful completion of the project. 

5. Leads and supervises workers engaged in the Masonry of Industrial, Commercial and Residential buildings and other civil works and assists the Civil supervisor in the coordination and performance or related activities such as setting out, Concreting, Block works, Brick works, flooring, plastering etc. 

6. Ensures that work crews are properly supplied with tools, equipment and materials.    

Prevents wastage and misuse of equipment, materials and tools.      

Supervises work crews to best utilize manpower and materials, exercises discipline at the work site to prevent absenteeism, unsafe work practices and idleness. 

7. Familiar with all Company safety and QA/QC procedures, regulations and strictly enforces them with the workforce under his responsibility.

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