Motivational story of Deaf frog – Assignment Abroad


Stories (Prerak Prasang) that can change your life. If you want to do something great in your life  and you want to encourage yourself , motivational story will be very useful. 

It motivates us because unless we have a motivational theme in our life, we cannot move forward or succeed.

 Many people have self-motivation.  While some people achieve their goals through external inspiration.

motivational themes.  Today we have brought before you 15 such inspiring episodes which have brought a big change in the lives of thousands of people like me.

Many frogs lived in a pond.  Just in the middle of that pond, a big iron pole was installed by the king there. 

One day the pond frogs decided that “why not race to climb this pole”, whoever climbs on this pole will be considered the winner of the competition.

 Race day fixed.  A few days later, race day arrived.  Several frogs gathered there to participate in the competition, many frogs from nearby ponds also came to participate in the race.

and many frogs also gathered there to watch the competition.  The race started, there was noise all around.  Everyone looked at that big pole and said, “Oh, it is impossible to climb it”, “No one will be able to do it”.  “This pillar cannot be climbed”.

 No one would ever be able to complete this race, and it was happening that, whoever tried to climb the paddock pole, it would go up and fall down due to the pole being smooth and very high. 

Even after repeated attempts, no one was able to reach the pole above.  By now many frogs had given up, and many frogs continued their efforts even after falling.  Along with this, the frogs still watching the race were shouting loudly, “Oh this can’t be”.

 “It is impossible” “No one can climb on such a high pole.”  Adi, and after hearing this again and again, many frogs gave up and they also stopped trying.  And now they also started supporting those frogs who shouted loudly. 

But a small frog from them reached the pillar due to continuous effort, although he too fell several times, got up, tried and then he reached the pole successfully.

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 And was declared the winner of the race.  Seeing him the winner, the frog asked the reason for his success, how did you do this impossible task, it was impossible, how did you succeed here, please tell us also.

  Then came a frog’s voice from behind, “Hey what do you ask him, he is deaf.”

 Still, the frog enlisted the help of a frog to find out the winning frog, who knew the reason for his success, the winning frog said that I am deaf.  I don’t hear, but when you people were screaming loudly.

I felt like you are saying to me “This you can do, this is possible for you”. These words have given me success.


 So, friends, this was a frog story, but this story is very similar to our life too because we hear from outside the world who always tells us that “you can’t do this, can’t succeed, your only thing  No, etc.

because we have the ability to achieve success and we can get it, but by coming to others, we get lost in achieving our goal, due to which we live an average life.  Therefore.

from today onwards, we should be blind and deaf to all those scenes and people who distract us from our goal.  Nothing can stop you from getting your destination