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QA/QC Pipeline Engineer

  • Experiance: 8-10 years
  • location: Algeria
  • Vacancy Code : 85964
  • Job Type : Staff,
  •   Industry : Facility Management,
  •   Contract Length : 24 months
  • Total Vacancy : 1
  • Basic Salary: USD-2000-3000

job description:-

Monitoring the quality assurance & Control activities on the Project work and develop plans for implementation.

Responsible for advising, guiding and motivating inspectors on all QA and QC activities and related technical matters.

Responsible for relevant QA and QC training for all personnel and overseeing that all personnel understand and effectively deliver their QA and QC responsibilities as per quality plan and procedures.

Prepares Project quality plan and other project specific procedures / guidelines, which are necessary to perform an activity / process in efficient manner.

Ensures effective implementation of Project procedures and monitors the performance of quality management system.

Identifies potential quality problems and takes preventive actions.

Development and implementation of the Internal and External Project Quality Audit Plan & coordinating for the timely closeout of audit actions as applicable to project.

Coordinates and records quality meetings with CUSTOMER as suggested by Project QA/QC manager

Ensures Supplier quality surveillance is performed in accordance with the approved Inspection Test Plans (ITP).

Liaises with the CUSTOMER on all matters relating to Project Quality.

Tracks nonconformance(s) and approves corrective action(s) with the knowledge of Project Management and the CUSTOMER.

Ensures, Inspection and Test Plans are implemented are adequately documented, liaises with the CUSTOMER for Inspection stages.

Reviews Project documents to ensure identification and comprehension of all quality requirements.

Compiles project QMS performance and status reports

Project Management reviews. Records Project QMS review Meetings and monitors closeout actions

Monitors project quality objectives.

Collects data and analyses for continual improvement.

Creates awareness within the project team about the lessons learned and implementing

appropriate action to prevent the reoccurrence of an incident.

Ensures CUSTOMER feedback is collected on project.

Follow the HSE standards of the Company.


  • Experiance: 8-10 years
  • location: Algeria
  • Vacancy Code : 85963
  • Job Type : Staff,
  •   Industry : Facility Management,
  •   Contract Length : 24 months
  • Total Vacancy : 1
  • Basic Salary: USD-2000-3000


He is responsible for planning ,organizing and controlling the Welding works.

Responsibilities of the Welding Engineer include:

• Planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the activities of Welding engineering section.

• Liason with quality department.

• Prepares technical reports as result of research and development and preventive maintenance investigations.

• Directs and coordinates technical personnel in performing inspections to ensure workers compliance with established welding procedures, restrictions and standards

• Evaluates new equipment, techniques and materials in welding field for possible application to current welding problems or production processes.

• Contacts personnel of other agencies, engineering personnel or clients to exchange ideas, information or offer technical advice concerning welding matters.

• Responsible for documenting all welding works

• Manage the subsidiary’s business and develop plans for its implementation.

• Estimate and assign suitable resources such as manpower, materials, consumables, equipment, tools, etc., required for all assigned and relevant work prior to implementation.

• Preparing reports on the need for work of equipment, materials and mechanisms.

• Supervising the execution of the various welding works according to all the drawings, specifications, codes and standards applied in the project.

• Manage and provide technical support for all affiliate website.

• Familiarity with the procedures and specifications of the execution of various welding works.

• Responsible for the safety of all members of the project by ensuring that the work is carried out according to all applicable health, safety and environmental standards.

• Understand, apply and comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental standards and concepts.

• Follow the supervisor’s instructions and apply them strictly.

• Provide daily reports to the engineer responsible for completed work and open work fronts.

• Supervision of employees working under him and maintenance of time sheet.

• Responsible for the number of equipment under his supervision and shall monitor and report

any deficiency or loss.

• Carry out the work in the best way possible and on time.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

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